From Little League and Scholastic all the way to the Professional level,
NETServices is there for both private and commercial baseball needs.
Using the highest
quality components NETServices can provide
consultation, design, & installation of indoor/outdoor batting cages, indoor
training facilities, grandstand protection, & foul line / home run barriers.
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NETServices can provide turn-key netting
solutions for your commercial batting cage project
with design and installation from our experienced
staff & crews and referrals on where to find the
right equipment for your needs and budget.
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Indoor training facilities are becoming more in
demand and therefor, more popular. NETServices
and designed and installed some of the largest
facilities in the country.
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In todays litigious society, fans & spectators in
Little League & Professional facilities need to be
protected from foul balls & injury. NETServices
can help you find a cost effective solution.
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Often baseball fields are located along roadways,
highways, or parking lots where ball containment
is not only desirable, but necessary for safety. To
the right is a prime example.
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Proper maintenance and service is essential in
getting maximum life out of most anything you
own. From complete panel replacement, including
inspection of existing hardware, to small repairs,
you can count on NETServices.
For Information Please Contact:

Phone: 888-365-NETS (6387)  
Fax:   (360) 651-1956
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At NETServices we believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a successful
business. Give a try and find out why Americas top facilities choose NETServices.
Outdoor Batting Cages
Indoor Batting Cages & Training
Grandstand Protection & Screens
Fouline & Protective Barriers
Netting Replacement & Repair
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