Using the highest quality components & highly trained / experienced
installation crews, NETServices' Netting Sytems experts can help design
and build your project from complete turn-key installation of driving ranges
and fairway barriers to enclosed practice areas and cages.  
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Ball containment and property protection with
netting heights from 20' to 140'. NETServices
can also offer ball trajectory studies to help
determine the proper placement, height, &
length for your netting system.
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Fairway barriers are valuable for protection of
clients on adjacent fairways as well as the public
where roads, highways, parking, or residential
may need to coexist with your facility.
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Don't have the space for a full driving range?
NETServices can design and construct enclosed
practice areas, indoors or outdoors, with 3-4 tees
up to 20 tees as pictured at right.
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Live on a golf course fairway "hot spot"? Enjoy
your property with the piece of mind of an
aesthetically pleasing residential protective netting
system to protect your family and property.
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Proper maintenance and service is essential in
getting maximum life out of most anything you
own. From complete panel replacement, including
inspection of existing hardware, to small repairs,
you can count on NETServices.
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At NETServices we believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a successful
business. Give a try and find out why Americas top facilities choose NETServices.
Driving Ranges
Protective Barriers
Enclosed Practice / Teaching Areas
Residential Barrier Net Systems
Netting Replacement & Maintenance
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