In our mission to always use the highest quality and value materials available while maintaining our quality
standards, NETServices uses only rated hardware that meets ANSI standards and depends on wood pole
from suppliers all over the US with the largest distribution systems insuring the timeliest delivery.

  • Supplied by Chance / Hubbell Power Systems, all Pole Line
    hardware meets or exceeds ANSI Standards, is RUS Listed and
    forged in the US.

  • All cable attachment points using Thimbleye Type hardware to
    minimize pinching and/or kinking of wire.

  • All bolts are through bolt and rated to ANSI Standards.

  • PISA or Tough One Helix ground anchors at end of all runs for
    down guy attachment.
  • NETServices has several treated wood pole suppliers with
    treatment and distribution yards in most states and covering all

  • For heights up to 60' Class I or Class II
  • For heights up to 80' Class I
  • Coastal Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine dependant on
    region and availability.

  • Full length Penta or CCA pressure treated to a final net retention
    of 0.60# per cubic foot. Plant inspection and conforming to ANSI
    05.1 2002 and AWPA 2003 specifications.

  • 1/4" and 5/16" Rated Galvanized snap hooks for attaching netting
    panels to framing and tension wires 30" on center

  • EHS Guy Strand ANSI Standard wire for all framing, tension
    wires, & down guys / eyes formed using preformed grips

  • Preformed Grips used to form eyes on all wires
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