In our mission to always use the highest quality and value materials available while maintaining our quality
standards, NETServices has chosen
Coastal Steel Pole as our Steel Pole Supplier. With a nationwide
distribution system, Coastal has over 400 Steel Pole installations throughout North America
without a structural failure with the highest netting system in North America at 160 FT.
  • All poles are covered with STRYK 5388, a corrosion-retardant
    coating used on the Alaskan pipeline.

  • High degree of impermeability to moisture and will not support fungal
    growth in humidity and water-immersed environments.

  • STRYK 5388 will not crack in extreme weather conditions and forms
    a solid coating to prevent corrosion or oxidation.

  • Coating bonds with substrate preventing corrosion even if coating is
    scratched or damaged.

  • STRYK's elasticity prevents the poles' finish from cracking from pole
    movement caused by high winds.
  • Pole diameters are 10 inch, 16 inch, or 24 inch, dependant on soil
    type and installed height above grade.

  • Poles can be engineered to be extended to greater heights at a later
    date without business interruptions.

  • Each pole is constant in diameter from the embedment bottom to the
    pole top, which ensures the life of the netting.
  • All netting systems are available with structural engineered drawings
    and calculations in ALL municipalities throughout the United States
    and Canada.

  • Using our engineered products will allow us to make the job as easy
    as possible for you.

  • The owner's investment is protected with insurance coverage through
    the company's A++ Rated Product Liability Policy.

  • Ball Trajectory Studies are available with analysis to help determine
    the appropriate height of netting and poles which saves future
    expenses required to raise netting and pole height.
  • Conservative structural engineering design combined with high quality
    steel fabrication by certified welders assures clients of superior steel

  • Engineered for specific soil conditions and wind load calculations.

  • Netting Systems designed for minimal amount of cables.

  • Plans and professional structural engineering seals are available for
    every job - any state.

  • Your investment is protected with insurance coverage through the
    company's A++ Rated Product Liability Policy.
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